Monday, April 5, 2010


Bad, bad week to be playing poker...continued to the America's cup stuff tonight... AK bet big, KT and KJ calls... K on flop..figure I"m good, but no... Ten on river gives someone else two pair...

Tuesday I played a d 280 Hyper Turbo. Actually 3 of 'em got T$11 for winning one. Tried two $5.25 HU 4 persons. Out in 4th and 2nd.

Then I did a $13 6 max NLHE and didn't cash. But then did a $12 6 max 5-card draw and did cash for $23.10.

Wednesday was $15.60 and sat at a $.25/$.50 table. Left with $21.55.
Then a single table SnG for $27 and lost. But figured I was up about $6 on week.

Friday I found Luis Medina (Team PS Pro) on a table... and lost the $100 I sat with. Good-bye half of bankroll. Jumped into a $3.30 tourney, but couldn't care after losing $100

Saturday I played an $11 Deepstack, 234 got paid, finished 814th. If I remember correctly, over 2100 started in it.

$5.25 HU of 32 peeps. 8 paid.. I was out in 28th.

So hopefully I can get my act together next week and start winning.


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