Sunday, April 18, 2010


So I didn't play as much as I would have liked this week. I had a couple tournaments in the middle of the week with friends. One of 'em even had a PS pro show. And if we got knocked out, send them $1. I was knocked out by the PS pro. Can't even remember the hand. I was probably short stacked. Even though he said he's not allowed to accept bounties, I sent him $1 anyway. I don't think I got it back. Just my policy. I don't believe anything at the poker table, unless I see it for myself. And didn't want to be known as a whelcher *LOL*

Anyway, Wednesday was 2 $5.50 tourneys with friends. Didn't cash in either.

Full Tilt unrolled their Rush game on Friday. A Rush tournament is where every hand you are at a new table, until the final, I assume. Unless they make ya change seats at the final table so you don't always have the same person next to you.

I played a few hands in a play money ring Rush. Made about 700 play chips and felt that was good enough for now. I still haven't figured how to put money on FT. But then haven't had a lot extra to do that.

So I logged back into PS and found they had Single Table SnG bounty tourneys. Pay a little extra (1/4 of buy in.. so $1 is extra $.25, $5 is an extra $1.25) and that extra is paid to the person that knocked you out. While I didn't have much success or much money. I did manage to get 3rd in one tournament and with the bounties, made $1.30 profit. Then the next one was same tournament, but took it down for $15.75. Plus, if you win, your bounty is returned. Not back since first place money was only $13.50 ($3 buy-in, $.75 bounty, $.35 to PokerStars)

Which helped to keep me down $16 for the week or so.

I've decided, just the morning, that I am going to take the route of the calendar and let Sunday be the first day of the week. So I can make posts on my day off when I'm done playing. I know, it's Sunday now. But as I said, I just decided. So if I decide to play in today's tournaments, you will have to wait till next week to read.

At this point, I'm not sure if I will be playing in the D40k or Sun. 1/4 million.


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  1. Come play the $250,000+

    Those knockout 9man SNGs are lovely aren't they. I have been killing them all week.