Sunday, March 28, 2010


Well, it's been a week of ups n downs... I started off with some DoN and won 5 of 6 of them... then I stretched and tried a $50+$4 Don, lost. Tried to join a PL Omaha table at a stake to high and lost $123.20 at that one...

I did manage to cash in the monthly 100K freeroll. Only $20 though.

Basically, I lost a little over half my bankroll. I'm now down to $261.01. A loss of $193.05 over the weekend.

I look forward to playing more during the week and maybe staying away from the weekend.

On the plus side, I have 31 VPP (Vip Player Points). All I need is to get those 31 before December 31st and I get a bonus $10 *LOL* I think I shall this week.

Though I have to admit, after losing nearly $200 this week, $10 doesn't seem to be very much.

Well, that's about all I have.


Monday, March 22, 2010


I didn't play much over the weekend. My best friend was visiting. Though He got here and took a short nap (got up real early and got here in about 6 hours). So I jumped in a $10 tournament. I ended up cashing for a profit of $7.47.

Friday night jumped on a $.10/$.25 table and had a profit of $17.25.

Saturday morn, didn't have much time before breakfast. Got about $1 profit.

So Sunday I did the Daily 30K and missed the cash by 47. I also got into the Sunday 1/4 million but didn't even make it to registration closed. Not even sure how I lost my stack *LOL*

So I'm up +$25 and spent $22 in Sunday tournaments.

But I look forward to playing more. I'm thinking of trying to play more. I will be home alone this week and thinking of resting after work and then getting on to play some 5-6 hours. Which means staying up late. Maybe one tournament and cash games to try and build.


Sunday, March 14, 2010


Happy Pi Day everyone!

I haven't been running to good the last couple of weeks. Though I think I did added on Tuesday.

Friday and Saturday weren't to good for me. But I was in a mood to play today and I decided to go for the Daily 30K tournament. $11 buy-in. I almost lasted till the second break.

Which just in time for the Sunday 1/4 million. Which I did last in. At one point I was down to about $285. Sb and ante would have taken $250. So I went all in and rivered to double up. Couple hands later I shoved and got more chips...about $2k. So long story short, I lasted to make $32 profit, which is $10 profit on the day.

I think I'm about $4 short on the week.

But there is always next week to make more.


Monday, March 1, 2010


Decided to use dates to keep up to date on how often I will post.

Not much to talk about this week. Had some ups n downs. But happily I added at the end of the week.

It started with 1,000 fpp hyper-turbo satellite. 6 people and 2 people get the ticket that can only be used for the TT. I won that one.

19,379 started. 5,000 payed. I finished 4147th for $81.15 to more than double my bankroll from $60 to $141.

So basically I am pondering doing $1 or $5 SnG. I know the $5 should be with $200 bankroll. But it's so much better to play that and get $22.50 for first compared to $4.50 for a $1 sng

So now it's up to carving out time to play more often. I look forward to it.