Saturday, April 24, 2010


Well, that's it... I call my week over. Had some success, but ended up -$10 for the week. (-$9.85 more precisely.)

Started off losing a couple $10+ events. then tried a $6.75 NLHE KO event, only made the bounty and lost $5.50. So at that point I was down $27 on Monday.

Wed: Started with $4.4o FLHE, figured it would get me some practice and not to many in to really be intimidating. (I'm not really intimidated by big opponent events. (28K in the Sunday 1/4 mill? Bring 'em on.)) Anyway, for this event, was only 244 got in and 36 got paid. I finished 69th.

Friday: Jumped on a $9 Hyper Turbo Satellite. I got third which was a loss of major proportions. Ok, $.08 *LOL* So I jumped in another and got the ticket for a $22 NLHE event in the PokerStars SCOOP (Spring Championship of Online Poker).

I also used some FPP to take down another satellite that got me into an $11 SCOOP event.

Friday night, 11:30. I got into a $4.40 PLO8b tournament. Still don't know why, so don't ask. 491 got in, paid 63 places. I did start off pretty good. Made a couple blunders and was watching that bubble pretty closely. Getting to 3rd break with 3 min left and 2 people to burst the bubble. Asked the table which is going to come first. Someone said, Break, always.

Though happy to report that the break came and the bubble burst with that last hand. Came back from break and in the money. I finished 46 out of 63 paid for $9.23. Good ol' profit of $4.83.

So I crashed after that. And got up and jumped into another $9 HyperTurbo which I won. So that got me the $22 for the Scoop Event #2.

So I decided to try some KnockOut tournaments. I did a $13.50 NLHE KO and took down 3rd with knocking out no one. So $4.50 profit on that. Probably should have stopped there. Only down $1.65 at that point.

I tried a couple $4.10 Omaha H/L KO and lost them both. So down for the week $9.85.

Well that's about it for now.


Sunday, April 18, 2010


So I didn't play as much as I would have liked this week. I had a couple tournaments in the middle of the week with friends. One of 'em even had a PS pro show. And if we got knocked out, send them $1. I was knocked out by the PS pro. Can't even remember the hand. I was probably short stacked. Even though he said he's not allowed to accept bounties, I sent him $1 anyway. I don't think I got it back. Just my policy. I don't believe anything at the poker table, unless I see it for myself. And didn't want to be known as a whelcher *LOL*

Anyway, Wednesday was 2 $5.50 tourneys with friends. Didn't cash in either.

Full Tilt unrolled their Rush game on Friday. A Rush tournament is where every hand you are at a new table, until the final, I assume. Unless they make ya change seats at the final table so you don't always have the same person next to you.

I played a few hands in a play money ring Rush. Made about 700 play chips and felt that was good enough for now. I still haven't figured how to put money on FT. But then haven't had a lot extra to do that.

So I logged back into PS and found they had Single Table SnG bounty tourneys. Pay a little extra (1/4 of buy in.. so $1 is extra $.25, $5 is an extra $1.25) and that extra is paid to the person that knocked you out. While I didn't have much success or much money. I did manage to get 3rd in one tournament and with the bounties, made $1.30 profit. Then the next one was same tournament, but took it down for $15.75. Plus, if you win, your bounty is returned. Not back since first place money was only $13.50 ($3 buy-in, $.75 bounty, $.35 to PokerStars)

Which helped to keep me down $16 for the week or so.

I've decided, just the morning, that I am going to take the route of the calendar and let Sunday be the first day of the week. So I can make posts on my day off when I'm done playing. I know, it's Sunday now. But as I said, I just decided. So if I decide to play in today's tournaments, you will have to wait till next week to read.

At this point, I'm not sure if I will be playing in the D40k or Sun. 1/4 million.


Sunday, April 11, 2010


Ok, I didn't play a lot... but I guess I need a better system than making notes on index cards *LOL*

I did a$5.25 HU on Thursday and lost... $5.50 6 person, 2 paid, finished 3rd.

I also tried and Ante Up tournament and the number 207. Can't remember if that's how many were in or where I finished.

I also tried a $7.50 Step 1 to get some buy-ins with the SCOOP next month. I still plan to play in some events, even if I don't win satellites. Anyway, I did win the ticket to step 2, but did not win Step 2

Today I played the Daily 40K and Sunday 1/4 mill. The 1/4 mill had 32,292 start and 5400 cashed. I was out in lousy 16675th.

So $22 spent today on the two tournaments and in the D40k had 9562 start and paid 1440. I managed to finish 1189th for $19.12 ... So I lost $2.88 on the day.

I'm going to have some extra alone time this week. Going to try play a little more. Maybe $10 DoN with my bankroll of $205.


Monday, April 5, 2010


Bad, bad week to be playing poker...continued to the America's cup stuff tonight... AK bet big, KT and KJ calls... K on flop..figure I"m good, but no... Ten on river gives someone else two pair...

Tuesday I played a d 280 Hyper Turbo. Actually 3 of 'em got T$11 for winning one. Tried two $5.25 HU 4 persons. Out in 4th and 2nd.

Then I did a $13 6 max NLHE and didn't cash. But then did a $12 6 max 5-card draw and did cash for $23.10.

Wednesday was $15.60 and sat at a $.25/$.50 table. Left with $21.55.
Then a single table SnG for $27 and lost. But figured I was up about $6 on week.

Friday I found Luis Medina (Team PS Pro) on a table... and lost the $100 I sat with. Good-bye half of bankroll. Jumped into a $3.30 tourney, but couldn't care after losing $100

Saturday I played an $11 Deepstack, 234 got paid, finished 814th. If I remember correctly, over 2100 started in it.

$5.25 HU of 32 peeps. 8 paid.. I was out in 28th.

So hopefully I can get my act together next week and start winning.