Sunday, April 11, 2010


Ok, I didn't play a lot... but I guess I need a better system than making notes on index cards *LOL*

I did a$5.25 HU on Thursday and lost... $5.50 6 person, 2 paid, finished 3rd.

I also tried and Ante Up tournament and the number 207. Can't remember if that's how many were in or where I finished.

I also tried a $7.50 Step 1 to get some buy-ins with the SCOOP next month. I still plan to play in some events, even if I don't win satellites. Anyway, I did win the ticket to step 2, but did not win Step 2

Today I played the Daily 40K and Sunday 1/4 mill. The 1/4 mill had 32,292 start and 5400 cashed. I was out in lousy 16675th.

So $22 spent today on the two tournaments and in the D40k had 9562 start and paid 1440. I managed to finish 1189th for $19.12 ... So I lost $2.88 on the day.

I'm going to have some extra alone time this week. Going to try play a little more. Maybe $10 DoN with my bankroll of $205.


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