Sunday, May 30, 2010


Yeah, I know. I'm a little behind in posting my poker blog. But I have this mental block on Saturdays. I'm tired and don't feel like being on the computer, so I don't feel like posting. Also, used to play Dungeons and Dragons on the computer Friday nights from 9-11 central time. Which meant late nights and always tired on Saturday anyway. Though I haven't played for a couple weeks (The guy running it had to quit), guess I still have that mentality.

Shout out to my friend, for reminding me on twitter, that I'm a losing player. Though I know it's true and still working on not being one. Still kinda hurt. And, friend, I know it was meant innocently and there are no hard feelings.

Which also had me thinking of some career highlights. Should I post or not? Not that I've had a lot of highlights. And oddly, most of it was before I had the amount of experience I have now.

Earliest memory was a 45 person SnG for $11.. won it for about $154 (I think). When we used to use our bank/credit card on poker, used to $50/month (How I won the SnG) and so I had some fpp. Tried 40 fpp satellite to WSOP (this was a few years ago) and had gotten into the next satellite. Sadly, that satellite, I was out in 20 minutes. I now know it was because I was playing to many hands, hoping to catch on flop.

Just a couple years ago (wow, been that long already)... had won a ticket from a freeroll to the weekly round 2. 8 hours later, was victorious in the Round2 for about $254. I think I cashed $100 and gave the rest back trying to get into the WSOP.

During the last year, my first ever Sunday Millions, cashed for $377 from a $215 buy-in, making a profit of $162.

Also last year, won a satellite to win a seat for Vanessa Rousso's Big Slick Poker Boot Camp. Although for the single day event, already knew pretty much what she had to say from reading poker books. *LOL* Though it was nice to play the satellite for $27 and win the camp valued at $399. Plus, a few extra days off work and got to go south from my cold north in November.

Oh yeah, more recently I had done a $20+$2 head up tourney. Got 4th place for a couple hundred.

I was also, once, in a single pro tourney. $2000 prize pool, paid 4 places of $10. I was very short stacked, with 5 or 6 left. Suddenly was one of 4. We quickly agreed to split the pool 4 ways for $500 each. That weekend, turned the $500 into over $800 by playing $50 DoNs. Monday, cashed out $500 and with no bankroll management, lost the other $300+.

As for this week, started out pretty good. I used some FPP and played hyperturbo satellites. After losing 2, I won 3. Then lost a third, had to work anyway. Still, +T$33 was a big help to my $6 Bankroll.

After work, tried a $5.50 O8b MTT and didn't cash. $4.10 08b and after leading most of the tourney, could not hold on when we got to the bubble and ended up 3rd place for $6.15 did another and lost out.

Then Tried $4.10 NLHE KO SnG and got 7th.

Tuesday played in the Round 1 satellite to the Big Game and after 2.5 hours got my ticket, top 300 out of 5,000.

I also used fpp to try and win a couple more T$. Friday before work, sat at a penny table with $2.84 and left with $5.07.

Played a $4.10 NLHE KO and had one knockout. But still lost. Tried a $1.20 6 max NLHE and didn't cash. Still up $8. on week.

I decided to try multi-tabling 4 at a time $1 DoN. My bankroll was $18.03 (including T$) and I did 4 then 4 more. Bankroll went down to $13.23. Only 3 double-ups out of 8 played.

So yes, I may be a losing player, but damn it, I don't have to like it. And am working on fixing it.

That's it. See ya next week.

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Saturday, May 22, 2010


Not a good week. I had some minor cashes but barely. I tried cheap ($1) MTT and failed miserably. My bankroll has slipped to $6. So maybe tomorrow hitting $1 DON... otherwise I will be reduced to freerolls *GAG*


Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Sorry this is late...but I was sick over the weekend. My stomach felt upset.

I really didn't play that much last week. Wednesday was my best day, played O8b KO and won it with 5 KO for $18..

Bank roll was about $40... Played a few knockouts last night, bankroll is down to $21 or so. But I should be able to deposit $25 today to double bankroll *LOL*

So till next Saturday...


Saturday, May 8, 2010


So the PokerStars SCOOP is underway. Has been for a week. I didn't do spectacular...

Ironic I started off by winning a place into 3 Scoop Events (Last Sunday, Tuesday and today) ... Did not cash in any of them. But I did play a SCOOP tournament when I was off work on Friday and ended cashing in that for $40. Sort of a last minute decision. Been up 7 hours and with cashing in that was another 6 hours of computer time...

I also played tonight, hence the late blog, in a $22 FLHE turbo event. Had some ups n downs but managed to cash for a profit of a whole $4. I cashed for $26.61... 3802 started and 675 paid. I finished 591st.

I might play another SCOOP event tomorrow, but that would have to wait till next week.


Saturday, May 1, 2010


Well, My week was bad. Started off bad with Monday morning before work. Jumped on a table that was to high for me.

I stayed to some smaller events ($4.10 KO SnGs) and about treaded water. Though I am down to about $40 now.

I have also lost a little extra money... Someone on twitter told me about A great site to sponsor players who will give ya some of their winnings if you cash.

As for the up-coming week, it's SCOOP (Spring ChampionShip of On-line Poker) starting tomorrow. I'm in for events: #2-L, #8-L and #16-L.

So depending on time and if I cash, I might play more.

That's about it for the week. See ya at the tables.