Saturday, July 31, 2010


Hey All,

Yeah, I missed a week. I'd say sue me, but you wouldn't get much.

As for the week I missed, I didn't play much as a I had a friend that visited. Played 7 Hu tourneys during the week and had 3w and 4L... $2 each, so not a big thing.

Today was my big poker day and thinking that I'm already tired out and won't be playing much more.

I started off with $1 tournament for the Lamborghini and joined 3 more single table $5.50 SnGs. 1279 were in it with 198 paid. I was out 430th.

Of the 3 Sngs, I only got 2nd in one for $13.50. So I liked the idea of a KO tournament and joined one for $6.75. I did manage 2nd for $13.50 and 2 KO to make $16 or a $9.25 profit. Added to the $13.50 from the other tournament, spent $24.35 and cashed for $22.75.

Oh yeah, forgot the $5.50 F&F tournament on Wednesday. No cash there.

On other news, I have a plan to see if I can make this my living. I am officially into phase 2. And as soon as my paychecks come in, I will be able to get a laptop.

Phase 2 means paying bills and paying back a friend $2600 that I owe. Phase 3 is saving for first half of 2011 so that I have bank account and bankroll to make my run.

I can't wait to order a laptop. Which means it can be in my room. Which means I will already be playing more poker much more often.

Damn, I have the poker bug... Not only do I think about it all the time, just typing about it in this blog makes me want to play again.

I think that's all I got for now.


Sunday, July 18, 2010


Another week of not doing much in the poker world. I played a private tournament on Wednesday while trying some $2.20 180-person SnGs. Bad beat after bad beat that night. The kind of beating that makes one wonder why to play poker *LOL*

But don't worry, sports fans, I'm not giving it up yet.

Friday I played a Step 1 tournament. And won it. So i got a ticket to Step 2. I played that last night. I was doing well enough, until the guy on my right shoved again. I finally attempted to stand up to him with AT and he had Q4o. First card Q, river card only a T. It left me short stacked.

I decided to shove with A8, and called by 37, they hit a 7 on the flop. 6th place. No do over for me, no advancement.

That's about it,

Sunday, July 11, 2010


So my friend was visiting again last week, and didn't leave until early Wednesday. So haven't felt like playing much. What I did, I didn't win.

I've also signed up on Carbon poker. I thought it might be a little easier with many less people that are on PokerStars. Consider PS having 150,000+ on compare to Carbon's 6,000+

Plus, CarbonPoker let's you have 5,000 play money chips an hour. You can use 250 play money chips for a step one ticket freeroll. Which gets you a ticket to step 2, which gets you a ticket to step 3. Win the third and get $1. Which normally is to much work for a little profit, but at this point I am looking to start over and see if I can be a winner and keep from depositing.

Out of the Step 1's did get 3rd once. Which did give me a step 2. I was playing the the Step 1 and 2 at the same time... Step 1 got AA and cracked when KJ called, got a J on flop and K on turn... and Step 2 had AK and guy to my immediate left had KK and held.

An ironic thing about carbon poker, I had a player curse at me for my pair holding vs their over cards...but when I talked to players and told them I usually play on PokerStars, PokerStars was completely censored. *LOL*

I hope to play more on PokerStars, at least this week. Especially the Twitter PokerLeague.

Hope to see ya at the tables.


Sunday, July 4, 2010


Happy B-Day Anniversary United States!

So after my friend left on Wednesday, I played a F&F tournament that night. Wasn't in the mood and donked out early. Still haven't figured that one out.

My friend came back to visit on Friday to leave on Monday. Help celebrate my b-day in 11 days. We've mostly been playing Super Mario Galaxy 2.

I did play some on Saturday. I did 5 single table SnG @ $1.20 each... lost all. Then did a HU $5.25 and won that.

I did have fun in one of my SnG... I had Q9s and re-raised... (had position)... He had pocket 66.
He rewarded me by calling me an asshole/ Q9.

I said "Yeah, when the tightest player raises preflop, you might want to rethink your low pocket pair."

Some other words said.. I said "Go read a book, it's called a race/coin flip. Over cards versus a pair."

Although I couldn't quite admitted to him, I had suited. Which I will say here, that I rarely play suited. With odds of flopping the flush 118 to 1, just not good enough to try.

Well, that's about it for now.. Talk at ya next week.