Saturday, April 24, 2010


Well, that's it... I call my week over. Had some success, but ended up -$10 for the week. (-$9.85 more precisely.)

Started off losing a couple $10+ events. then tried a $6.75 NLHE KO event, only made the bounty and lost $5.50. So at that point I was down $27 on Monday.

Wed: Started with $4.4o FLHE, figured it would get me some practice and not to many in to really be intimidating. (I'm not really intimidated by big opponent events. (28K in the Sunday 1/4 mill? Bring 'em on.)) Anyway, for this event, was only 244 got in and 36 got paid. I finished 69th.

Friday: Jumped on a $9 Hyper Turbo Satellite. I got third which was a loss of major proportions. Ok, $.08 *LOL* So I jumped in another and got the ticket for a $22 NLHE event in the PokerStars SCOOP (Spring Championship of Online Poker).

I also used some FPP to take down another satellite that got me into an $11 SCOOP event.

Friday night, 11:30. I got into a $4.40 PLO8b tournament. Still don't know why, so don't ask. 491 got in, paid 63 places. I did start off pretty good. Made a couple blunders and was watching that bubble pretty closely. Getting to 3rd break with 3 min left and 2 people to burst the bubble. Asked the table which is going to come first. Someone said, Break, always.

Though happy to report that the break came and the bubble burst with that last hand. Came back from break and in the money. I finished 46 out of 63 paid for $9.23. Good ol' profit of $4.83.

So I crashed after that. And got up and jumped into another $9 HyperTurbo which I won. So that got me the $22 for the Scoop Event #2.

So I decided to try some KnockOut tournaments. I did a $13.50 NLHE KO and took down 3rd with knocking out no one. So $4.50 profit on that. Probably should have stopped there. Only down $1.65 at that point.

I tried a couple $4.10 Omaha H/L KO and lost them both. So down for the week $9.85.

Well that's about it for now.


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  1. Not all weeks are winners.
    You decided on what SCOOP games you will be playing Would be nice to see you in some of the games on the bank holiday weekend at least :P