Thursday, August 26, 2010


Thought I would make an early blog this week.

I had said that getting a new laptop should mean more playing poker and I have.

Though I started off bad. As a friend was visiting and being on the same network, couldn't play in the same tournament. So while he played in a dollar one, I took on a $10 one and lost pretty quick. But it's luck, of cards, can't tell people to not shove when they push n pray.

So then I went down to a $3 tournamant, and didn't to well with that either.

So I did a $4 O8b and crashed about 20 people from the bubble.

Wednesday night was tired and Friends and family tournament. I donked out of that.

But tonight was the biggest night of poker.

I did $1.10 Don(t) (Double or Nothing (turbo)). I managed 18 of them in about 3 hours. 4 at a time at the most. Bankroll was down to $71.38. Winning 50% of them had me end with $72.88 bankroll.

I know not a lot...but I really want to play more and do better. I'm hoping to at least play in one of the WCOOP events on PokerStars. The lowest event is on September 11th for $109. I really want to be in it.

Anyway, my friend that left Wed. is coming back for another visit Tomorrow and spending the week. At which I am off after Sunday's shift for a week vacation. The plan for vacation is to grind away for 8-10 hours or so and maybe study what I did.

Well an hour past bedtime, so time to get that rest to play some poker when my friend gets in.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Sorry Sports fans. I realize it's been 3 weeks since I've posted. But my little playing as really been pretty insignificant.

Skipping the first week, lost what I played.

2nd week: Had a good weekend actually. Cashed in weekly 30K ($9), and took on the responsibility of being a bounty in PokerStars Twitter League tournament. Which led to my second cash in 2 seaons. (Yes, when I'm the bounty.)

At the same time of Daleroxxu's (Twitter: @Daleroxxu) Hyper Turbo No Limit Omaha H/L Shoveament Freeroll. You can watch here:

In which I took third and knocked out the host. The knockout earned me a Sunday 1/4 Million ticket. I plan on using it September 5th at the end of a week of vacation. I should be plenty rested and no work the morning of it. My only hope is not to be to burned out on poker by then. Ah well, one can only hope.

This last week has been nothing for me. Some small, minor wins on single tournament tables. But the weekend was a big loss overall. I don't know why I played a $.50/$1 Ring game. Dropped $40. I guess I should have ran when I won a hand and was up $12.

A friend is visiting from out of state. Got in Saturday, leaving Tues or Wednesday morning (probably the latter).

I got my laptop on Friday. And his new one, to replace his old, broken one. So we have been messing around with them. Figuring out features and such. First thing I did was check out WLM for work and then second thing was download PokerStars.

Well, that's all I can think of at the moment.

So hope to post next week at the begnining of my vacation, and of course after.


Saturday, July 31, 2010


Hey All,

Yeah, I missed a week. I'd say sue me, but you wouldn't get much.

As for the week I missed, I didn't play much as a I had a friend that visited. Played 7 Hu tourneys during the week and had 3w and 4L... $2 each, so not a big thing.

Today was my big poker day and thinking that I'm already tired out and won't be playing much more.

I started off with $1 tournament for the Lamborghini and joined 3 more single table $5.50 SnGs. 1279 were in it with 198 paid. I was out 430th.

Of the 3 Sngs, I only got 2nd in one for $13.50. So I liked the idea of a KO tournament and joined one for $6.75. I did manage 2nd for $13.50 and 2 KO to make $16 or a $9.25 profit. Added to the $13.50 from the other tournament, spent $24.35 and cashed for $22.75.

Oh yeah, forgot the $5.50 F&F tournament on Wednesday. No cash there.

On other news, I have a plan to see if I can make this my living. I am officially into phase 2. And as soon as my paychecks come in, I will be able to get a laptop.

Phase 2 means paying bills and paying back a friend $2600 that I owe. Phase 3 is saving for first half of 2011 so that I have bank account and bankroll to make my run.

I can't wait to order a laptop. Which means it can be in my room. Which means I will already be playing more poker much more often.

Damn, I have the poker bug... Not only do I think about it all the time, just typing about it in this blog makes me want to play again.

I think that's all I got for now.


Sunday, July 18, 2010


Another week of not doing much in the poker world. I played a private tournament on Wednesday while trying some $2.20 180-person SnGs. Bad beat after bad beat that night. The kind of beating that makes one wonder why to play poker *LOL*

But don't worry, sports fans, I'm not giving it up yet.

Friday I played a Step 1 tournament. And won it. So i got a ticket to Step 2. I played that last night. I was doing well enough, until the guy on my right shoved again. I finally attempted to stand up to him with AT and he had Q4o. First card Q, river card only a T. It left me short stacked.

I decided to shove with A8, and called by 37, they hit a 7 on the flop. 6th place. No do over for me, no advancement.

That's about it,

Sunday, July 11, 2010


So my friend was visiting again last week, and didn't leave until early Wednesday. So haven't felt like playing much. What I did, I didn't win.

I've also signed up on Carbon poker. I thought it might be a little easier with many less people that are on PokerStars. Consider PS having 150,000+ on compare to Carbon's 6,000+

Plus, CarbonPoker let's you have 5,000 play money chips an hour. You can use 250 play money chips for a step one ticket freeroll. Which gets you a ticket to step 2, which gets you a ticket to step 3. Win the third and get $1. Which normally is to much work for a little profit, but at this point I am looking to start over and see if I can be a winner and keep from depositing.

Out of the Step 1's did get 3rd once. Which did give me a step 2. I was playing the the Step 1 and 2 at the same time... Step 1 got AA and cracked when KJ called, got a J on flop and K on turn... and Step 2 had AK and guy to my immediate left had KK and held.

An ironic thing about carbon poker, I had a player curse at me for my pair holding vs their over cards...but when I talked to players and told them I usually play on PokerStars, PokerStars was completely censored. *LOL*

I hope to play more on PokerStars, at least this week. Especially the Twitter PokerLeague.

Hope to see ya at the tables.


Sunday, July 4, 2010


Happy B-Day Anniversary United States!

So after my friend left on Wednesday, I played a F&F tournament that night. Wasn't in the mood and donked out early. Still haven't figured that one out.

My friend came back to visit on Friday to leave on Monday. Help celebrate my b-day in 11 days. We've mostly been playing Super Mario Galaxy 2.

I did play some on Saturday. I did 5 single table SnG @ $1.20 each... lost all. Then did a HU $5.25 and won that.

I did have fun in one of my SnG... I had Q9s and re-raised... (had position)... He had pocket 66.
He rewarded me by calling me an asshole/ Q9.

I said "Yeah, when the tightest player raises preflop, you might want to rethink your low pocket pair."

Some other words said.. I said "Go read a book, it's called a race/coin flip. Over cards versus a pair."

Although I couldn't quite admitted to him, I had suited. Which I will say here, that I rarely play suited. With odds of flopping the flush 118 to 1, just not good enough to try.

Well, that's about it for now.. Talk at ya next week.


Saturday, June 26, 2010


Well, I think I might have had an enlightened moment this week. In order to win at poker, one must play poker. ::Chuckles::

Between Monday after work and Tuesday lunch, I played 18 $1 Don = $19.80 I won 11 for $22.

On Thursday I played Some $1 9-person SnG. Started off 2 n 2. The wins, taking 3rd and 1st. I played 3 more to get $1 profit. I also tried an NAPT (North American Poker Tour) freeroll. 9,305 started, finished 849th.

Friday I tried to go a little different. After hearing that $1 rebuys were pretty good, I joined one and $3 rebuy, plus 2 $1.20 9-person. One of the $1.20 I lost, so started another. Got 3rd out of the three.

I'm not sure how much I put into the $3. More than I planned. My bankroll was down about $10. I did minimum cash in the $1... Spent $3 to get $7.89.

Today I did a couple freerolls. With a bankroll of $19...I managed to cash in one of them for $43. So now my roll is up to $62.

I also have a friend coming in to visit tonight. They are leaving Tues or Wed. So not sure I'll get much more playing in till Wed evening.

And on that note... if anyone has good, constructive criticism how I might make my blog better, I'm willing to listen. Should I write about anything or just keep it poker?

You can find me:
AIM: Saiman36
Twitter: @Saiman40


Saturday, June 19, 2010


Well, haven't played much. Wednesday managed 3rd out of 17 in a $5 Friend & Family tournament. Sucked kinda, because I was in first for most of the tournament. But a $12 profit helped.

Friday I tried a $3+R tourney. I had the plan to not put much in. I rebought before it started and another $3 added on. 900 were got paid. Unfortunately, Mom Nature wasn't going to be nice... and a major storm was rolling in. I finished in the 1100 area when the button made a small raise and I had 66 in the big blind. I went all in, button called and showed TT. So I was out and before I could shut down the computer, we lost power to turn it off and let it flick back on.

Saturday morning on a whim, Joined a $2 Quintuple shootout. 64 places paid...and I made it to the min cash for $10.

I tried the $3 rebuy again. And didn't cash. I don't remember what I did, but think I was sucked out on.

Tonight I just tried a freeroll for the PokerStars Million Dollar challenge. Min raised AA and someone went all in. I called, they show 77. Table : AJ89T they make the straight and leave me with $114. BB was $150 so I was going to have to shove soon. 2 hands later, Had Ksomething and shoved. Called by QQ. K on flop put me ahead, but the Q on the turn knocked me out.

That's about all I have. Hope to have better news next week.


Sunday, May 30, 2010


Yeah, I know. I'm a little behind in posting my poker blog. But I have this mental block on Saturdays. I'm tired and don't feel like being on the computer, so I don't feel like posting. Also, used to play Dungeons and Dragons on the computer Friday nights from 9-11 central time. Which meant late nights and always tired on Saturday anyway. Though I haven't played for a couple weeks (The guy running it had to quit), guess I still have that mentality.

Shout out to my friend, for reminding me on twitter, that I'm a losing player. Though I know it's true and still working on not being one. Still kinda hurt. And, friend, I know it was meant innocently and there are no hard feelings.

Which also had me thinking of some career highlights. Should I post or not? Not that I've had a lot of highlights. And oddly, most of it was before I had the amount of experience I have now.

Earliest memory was a 45 person SnG for $11.. won it for about $154 (I think). When we used to use our bank/credit card on poker, used to $50/month (How I won the SnG) and so I had some fpp. Tried 40 fpp satellite to WSOP (this was a few years ago) and had gotten into the next satellite. Sadly, that satellite, I was out in 20 minutes. I now know it was because I was playing to many hands, hoping to catch on flop.

Just a couple years ago (wow, been that long already)... had won a ticket from a freeroll to the weekly round 2. 8 hours later, was victorious in the Round2 for about $254. I think I cashed $100 and gave the rest back trying to get into the WSOP.

During the last year, my first ever Sunday Millions, cashed for $377 from a $215 buy-in, making a profit of $162.

Also last year, won a satellite to win a seat for Vanessa Rousso's Big Slick Poker Boot Camp. Although for the single day event, already knew pretty much what she had to say from reading poker books. *LOL* Though it was nice to play the satellite for $27 and win the camp valued at $399. Plus, a few extra days off work and got to go south from my cold north in November.

Oh yeah, more recently I had done a $20+$2 head up tourney. Got 4th place for a couple hundred.

I was also, once, in a single pro tourney. $2000 prize pool, paid 4 places of $10. I was very short stacked, with 5 or 6 left. Suddenly was one of 4. We quickly agreed to split the pool 4 ways for $500 each. That weekend, turned the $500 into over $800 by playing $50 DoNs. Monday, cashed out $500 and with no bankroll management, lost the other $300+.

As for this week, started out pretty good. I used some FPP and played hyperturbo satellites. After losing 2, I won 3. Then lost a third, had to work anyway. Still, +T$33 was a big help to my $6 Bankroll.

After work, tried a $5.50 O8b MTT and didn't cash. $4.10 08b and after leading most of the tourney, could not hold on when we got to the bubble and ended up 3rd place for $6.15 did another and lost out.

Then Tried $4.10 NLHE KO SnG and got 7th.

Tuesday played in the Round 1 satellite to the Big Game and after 2.5 hours got my ticket, top 300 out of 5,000.

I also used fpp to try and win a couple more T$. Friday before work, sat at a penny table with $2.84 and left with $5.07.

Played a $4.10 NLHE KO and had one knockout. But still lost. Tried a $1.20 6 max NLHE and didn't cash. Still up $8. on week.

I decided to try multi-tabling 4 at a time $1 DoN. My bankroll was $18.03 (including T$) and I did 4 then 4 more. Bankroll went down to $13.23. Only 3 double-ups out of 8 played.

So yes, I may be a losing player, but damn it, I don't have to like it. And am working on fixing it.

That's it. See ya next week.

Unless you wanna follow me on twitter: @Saiman40

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Not a good week. I had some minor cashes but barely. I tried cheap ($1) MTT and failed miserably. My bankroll has slipped to $6. So maybe tomorrow hitting $1 DON... otherwise I will be reduced to freerolls *GAG*


Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Sorry this is late...but I was sick over the weekend. My stomach felt upset.

I really didn't play that much last week. Wednesday was my best day, played O8b KO and won it with 5 KO for $18..

Bank roll was about $40... Played a few knockouts last night, bankroll is down to $21 or so. But I should be able to deposit $25 today to double bankroll *LOL*

So till next Saturday...


Saturday, May 8, 2010


So the PokerStars SCOOP is underway. Has been for a week. I didn't do spectacular...

Ironic I started off by winning a place into 3 Scoop Events (Last Sunday, Tuesday and today) ... Did not cash in any of them. But I did play a SCOOP tournament when I was off work on Friday and ended cashing in that for $40. Sort of a last minute decision. Been up 7 hours and with cashing in that was another 6 hours of computer time...

I also played tonight, hence the late blog, in a $22 FLHE turbo event. Had some ups n downs but managed to cash for a profit of a whole $4. I cashed for $26.61... 3802 started and 675 paid. I finished 591st.

I might play another SCOOP event tomorrow, but that would have to wait till next week.


Saturday, May 1, 2010


Well, My week was bad. Started off bad with Monday morning before work. Jumped on a table that was to high for me.

I stayed to some smaller events ($4.10 KO SnGs) and about treaded water. Though I am down to about $40 now.

I have also lost a little extra money... Someone on twitter told me about A great site to sponsor players who will give ya some of their winnings if you cash.

As for the up-coming week, it's SCOOP (Spring ChampionShip of On-line Poker) starting tomorrow. I'm in for events: #2-L, #8-L and #16-L.

So depending on time and if I cash, I might play more.

That's about it for the week. See ya at the tables.


Saturday, April 24, 2010


Well, that's it... I call my week over. Had some success, but ended up -$10 for the week. (-$9.85 more precisely.)

Started off losing a couple $10+ events. then tried a $6.75 NLHE KO event, only made the bounty and lost $5.50. So at that point I was down $27 on Monday.

Wed: Started with $4.4o FLHE, figured it would get me some practice and not to many in to really be intimidating. (I'm not really intimidated by big opponent events. (28K in the Sunday 1/4 mill? Bring 'em on.)) Anyway, for this event, was only 244 got in and 36 got paid. I finished 69th.

Friday: Jumped on a $9 Hyper Turbo Satellite. I got third which was a loss of major proportions. Ok, $.08 *LOL* So I jumped in another and got the ticket for a $22 NLHE event in the PokerStars SCOOP (Spring Championship of Online Poker).

I also used some FPP to take down another satellite that got me into an $11 SCOOP event.

Friday night, 11:30. I got into a $4.40 PLO8b tournament. Still don't know why, so don't ask. 491 got in, paid 63 places. I did start off pretty good. Made a couple blunders and was watching that bubble pretty closely. Getting to 3rd break with 3 min left and 2 people to burst the bubble. Asked the table which is going to come first. Someone said, Break, always.

Though happy to report that the break came and the bubble burst with that last hand. Came back from break and in the money. I finished 46 out of 63 paid for $9.23. Good ol' profit of $4.83.

So I crashed after that. And got up and jumped into another $9 HyperTurbo which I won. So that got me the $22 for the Scoop Event #2.

So I decided to try some KnockOut tournaments. I did a $13.50 NLHE KO and took down 3rd with knocking out no one. So $4.50 profit on that. Probably should have stopped there. Only down $1.65 at that point.

I tried a couple $4.10 Omaha H/L KO and lost them both. So down for the week $9.85.

Well that's about it for now.


Sunday, April 18, 2010


So I didn't play as much as I would have liked this week. I had a couple tournaments in the middle of the week with friends. One of 'em even had a PS pro show. And if we got knocked out, send them $1. I was knocked out by the PS pro. Can't even remember the hand. I was probably short stacked. Even though he said he's not allowed to accept bounties, I sent him $1 anyway. I don't think I got it back. Just my policy. I don't believe anything at the poker table, unless I see it for myself. And didn't want to be known as a whelcher *LOL*

Anyway, Wednesday was 2 $5.50 tourneys with friends. Didn't cash in either.

Full Tilt unrolled their Rush game on Friday. A Rush tournament is where every hand you are at a new table, until the final, I assume. Unless they make ya change seats at the final table so you don't always have the same person next to you.

I played a few hands in a play money ring Rush. Made about 700 play chips and felt that was good enough for now. I still haven't figured how to put money on FT. But then haven't had a lot extra to do that.

So I logged back into PS and found they had Single Table SnG bounty tourneys. Pay a little extra (1/4 of buy in.. so $1 is extra $.25, $5 is an extra $1.25) and that extra is paid to the person that knocked you out. While I didn't have much success or much money. I did manage to get 3rd in one tournament and with the bounties, made $1.30 profit. Then the next one was same tournament, but took it down for $15.75. Plus, if you win, your bounty is returned. Not back since first place money was only $13.50 ($3 buy-in, $.75 bounty, $.35 to PokerStars)

Which helped to keep me down $16 for the week or so.

I've decided, just the morning, that I am going to take the route of the calendar and let Sunday be the first day of the week. So I can make posts on my day off when I'm done playing. I know, it's Sunday now. But as I said, I just decided. So if I decide to play in today's tournaments, you will have to wait till next week to read.

At this point, I'm not sure if I will be playing in the D40k or Sun. 1/4 million.


Sunday, April 11, 2010


Ok, I didn't play a lot... but I guess I need a better system than making notes on index cards *LOL*

I did a$5.25 HU on Thursday and lost... $5.50 6 person, 2 paid, finished 3rd.

I also tried and Ante Up tournament and the number 207. Can't remember if that's how many were in or where I finished.

I also tried a $7.50 Step 1 to get some buy-ins with the SCOOP next month. I still plan to play in some events, even if I don't win satellites. Anyway, I did win the ticket to step 2, but did not win Step 2

Today I played the Daily 40K and Sunday 1/4 mill. The 1/4 mill had 32,292 start and 5400 cashed. I was out in lousy 16675th.

So $22 spent today on the two tournaments and in the D40k had 9562 start and paid 1440. I managed to finish 1189th for $19.12 ... So I lost $2.88 on the day.

I'm going to have some extra alone time this week. Going to try play a little more. Maybe $10 DoN with my bankroll of $205.


Monday, April 5, 2010


Bad, bad week to be playing poker...continued to the America's cup stuff tonight... AK bet big, KT and KJ calls... K on flop..figure I"m good, but no... Ten on river gives someone else two pair...

Tuesday I played a d 280 Hyper Turbo. Actually 3 of 'em got T$11 for winning one. Tried two $5.25 HU 4 persons. Out in 4th and 2nd.

Then I did a $13 6 max NLHE and didn't cash. But then did a $12 6 max 5-card draw and did cash for $23.10.

Wednesday was $15.60 and sat at a $.25/$.50 table. Left with $21.55.
Then a single table SnG for $27 and lost. But figured I was up about $6 on week.

Friday I found Luis Medina (Team PS Pro) on a table... and lost the $100 I sat with. Good-bye half of bankroll. Jumped into a $3.30 tourney, but couldn't care after losing $100

Saturday I played an $11 Deepstack, 234 got paid, finished 814th. If I remember correctly, over 2100 started in it.

$5.25 HU of 32 peeps. 8 paid.. I was out in 28th.

So hopefully I can get my act together next week and start winning.


Sunday, March 28, 2010


Well, it's been a week of ups n downs... I started off with some DoN and won 5 of 6 of them... then I stretched and tried a $50+$4 Don, lost. Tried to join a PL Omaha table at a stake to high and lost $123.20 at that one...

I did manage to cash in the monthly 100K freeroll. Only $20 though.

Basically, I lost a little over half my bankroll. I'm now down to $261.01. A loss of $193.05 over the weekend.

I look forward to playing more during the week and maybe staying away from the weekend.

On the plus side, I have 31 VPP (Vip Player Points). All I need is to get those 31 before December 31st and I get a bonus $10 *LOL* I think I shall this week.

Though I have to admit, after losing nearly $200 this week, $10 doesn't seem to be very much.

Well, that's about all I have.


Monday, March 22, 2010


I didn't play much over the weekend. My best friend was visiting. Though He got here and took a short nap (got up real early and got here in about 6 hours). So I jumped in a $10 tournament. I ended up cashing for a profit of $7.47.

Friday night jumped on a $.10/$.25 table and had a profit of $17.25.

Saturday morn, didn't have much time before breakfast. Got about $1 profit.

So Sunday I did the Daily 30K and missed the cash by 47. I also got into the Sunday 1/4 million but didn't even make it to registration closed. Not even sure how I lost my stack *LOL*

So I'm up +$25 and spent $22 in Sunday tournaments.

But I look forward to playing more. I'm thinking of trying to play more. I will be home alone this week and thinking of resting after work and then getting on to play some 5-6 hours. Which means staying up late. Maybe one tournament and cash games to try and build.


Sunday, March 14, 2010


Happy Pi Day everyone!

I haven't been running to good the last couple of weeks. Though I think I did added on Tuesday.

Friday and Saturday weren't to good for me. But I was in a mood to play today and I decided to go for the Daily 30K tournament. $11 buy-in. I almost lasted till the second break.

Which just in time for the Sunday 1/4 million. Which I did last in. At one point I was down to about $285. Sb and ante would have taken $250. So I went all in and rivered to double up. Couple hands later I shoved and got more chips...about $2k. So long story short, I lasted to make $32 profit, which is $10 profit on the day.

I think I'm about $4 short on the week.

But there is always next week to make more.


Monday, March 1, 2010


Decided to use dates to keep up to date on how often I will post.

Not much to talk about this week. Had some ups n downs. But happily I added at the end of the week.

It started with 1,000 fpp hyper-turbo satellite. 6 people and 2 people get the ticket that can only be used for the TT. I won that one.

19,379 started. 5,000 payed. I finished 4147th for $81.15 to more than double my bankroll from $60 to $141.

So basically I am pondering doing $1 or $5 SnG. I know the $5 should be with $200 bankroll. But it's so much better to play that and get $22.50 for first compared to $4.50 for a $1 sng

So now it's up to carving out time to play more often. I look forward to it.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2nd time

Ok, I guess the secret to this is post every week.

I really don't have much to report as I donked off my bankroll the last couple of weeks.

So I was reduced to free roll (tournaments with no buy-in to win a ticket to Round 2 for the cash). But being a free roll it is to hard to care. Maybe I'm to conceited at thinking myself above playing for free. But because they are free, you can't scare anyone out. So play of the table dictates that you use a tight strategy. Which will, at least, usually make you top 50% of the 9,000 that started.

But things are better. Good ol' pay day. Sadly I am only able to put $35 this week in to get me started. I think I will have to play $.01/$.02 tables. Maybe I will try to multi-table by opening 3 tables at once. I still don't expect to make many VPP, just need to win more money.

I will be able to to put $35 in 5 more times over the next 10 weeks or so. Give me a respectable $210 bankroll to move me up to $5 SnG.

I also have a plan in action this year. To save up my money so that at the end of the year I should have a bankroll of $700-$800 with enough to pay bills for 6 months. So that, by next January I will be able to use the first 6 months of the year to make a serious run and becoming a true on-line player. If that fails, then back to work and poker will be a recreation.

Friday, January 29, 2010

End of Month 1

I keep trying to get this started, and forgetting my password. So here I try again.

Anyway, I'm a poker player. Admittance is first step to recovery right? Well, I don't want to recover. Somehow this is my dream now. What i wish to do and what I wish to use to make money. I don't care about the fame. I won't be the world's youngest PokerPlayer, I probably won't even have a nickname. I don't desire to be the PokerBrat. I just want to be able to have financial security in a world that doesn't have it.

So anyway I want to update with my progess...

Anyway, I primarily play on PokerStars. You can find me to say hello, I'm open to making friends on there.

I cashed out some FPP from last year, and used them to play 5400 FPP satellites to the Sunday Million. I didn't win the hyperturbo, but did win a regular 10-person one where the top 4 get the T(Tournament)$215. Plus selling something to a friend for another $50 on there. And a couple wins since then has me up to a Bankroll of $299.

Challenges seem to be all the rage, but I'm not quite ready for one of those. I do work 44 hours/ week and don't have as much time as I'd like to do one of those challenges.

I'll post after some more tournaments.