Monday, March 1, 2010


Decided to use dates to keep up to date on how often I will post.

Not much to talk about this week. Had some ups n downs. But happily I added at the end of the week.

It started with 1,000 fpp hyper-turbo satellite. 6 people and 2 people get the ticket that can only be used for the TT. I won that one.

19,379 started. 5,000 payed. I finished 4147th for $81.15 to more than double my bankroll from $60 to $141.

So basically I am pondering doing $1 or $5 SnG. I know the $5 should be with $200 bankroll. But it's so much better to play that and get $22.50 for first compared to $4.50 for a $1 sng

So now it's up to carving out time to play more often. I look forward to it.


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