Monday, March 22, 2010


I didn't play much over the weekend. My best friend was visiting. Though He got here and took a short nap (got up real early and got here in about 6 hours). So I jumped in a $10 tournament. I ended up cashing for a profit of $7.47.

Friday night jumped on a $.10/$.25 table and had a profit of $17.25.

Saturday morn, didn't have much time before breakfast. Got about $1 profit.

So Sunday I did the Daily 30K and missed the cash by 47. I also got into the Sunday 1/4 million but didn't even make it to registration closed. Not even sure how I lost my stack *LOL*

So I'm up +$25 and spent $22 in Sunday tournaments.

But I look forward to playing more. I'm thinking of trying to play more. I will be home alone this week and thinking of resting after work and then getting on to play some 5-6 hours. Which means staying up late. Maybe one tournament and cash games to try and build.


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  1. I don't know how you can play those uneven cash games, but in all fairness there isn't a 10c/20c on stars :(