Sunday, March 14, 2010


Happy Pi Day everyone!

I haven't been running to good the last couple of weeks. Though I think I did added on Tuesday.

Friday and Saturday weren't to good for me. But I was in a mood to play today and I decided to go for the Daily 30K tournament. $11 buy-in. I almost lasted till the second break.

Which just in time for the Sunday 1/4 million. Which I did last in. At one point I was down to about $285. Sb and ante would have taken $250. So I went all in and rivered to double up. Couple hands later I shoved and got more chips...about $2k. So long story short, I lasted to make $32 profit, which is $10 profit on the day.

I think I'm about $4 short on the week.

But there is always next week to make more.


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  1. Hey my twitter friend, you blog too?? !! Lol who wouldve thunk it. ha ha! Well good luck on your next game!