Saturday, July 31, 2010


Hey All,

Yeah, I missed a week. I'd say sue me, but you wouldn't get much.

As for the week I missed, I didn't play much as a I had a friend that visited. Played 7 Hu tourneys during the week and had 3w and 4L... $2 each, so not a big thing.

Today was my big poker day and thinking that I'm already tired out and won't be playing much more.

I started off with $1 tournament for the Lamborghini and joined 3 more single table $5.50 SnGs. 1279 were in it with 198 paid. I was out 430th.

Of the 3 Sngs, I only got 2nd in one for $13.50. So I liked the idea of a KO tournament and joined one for $6.75. I did manage 2nd for $13.50 and 2 KO to make $16 or a $9.25 profit. Added to the $13.50 from the other tournament, spent $24.35 and cashed for $22.75.

Oh yeah, forgot the $5.50 F&F tournament on Wednesday. No cash there.

On other news, I have a plan to see if I can make this my living. I am officially into phase 2. And as soon as my paychecks come in, I will be able to get a laptop.

Phase 2 means paying bills and paying back a friend $2600 that I owe. Phase 3 is saving for first half of 2011 so that I have bank account and bankroll to make my run.

I can't wait to order a laptop. Which means it can be in my room. Which means I will already be playing more poker much more often.

Damn, I have the poker bug... Not only do I think about it all the time, just typing about it in this blog makes me want to play again.

I think that's all I got for now.


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