Sunday, July 11, 2010


So my friend was visiting again last week, and didn't leave until early Wednesday. So haven't felt like playing much. What I did, I didn't win.

I've also signed up on Carbon poker. I thought it might be a little easier with many less people that are on PokerStars. Consider PS having 150,000+ on compare to Carbon's 6,000+

Plus, CarbonPoker let's you have 5,000 play money chips an hour. You can use 250 play money chips for a step one ticket freeroll. Which gets you a ticket to step 2, which gets you a ticket to step 3. Win the third and get $1. Which normally is to much work for a little profit, but at this point I am looking to start over and see if I can be a winner and keep from depositing.

Out of the Step 1's did get 3rd once. Which did give me a step 2. I was playing the the Step 1 and 2 at the same time... Step 1 got AA and cracked when KJ called, got a J on flop and K on turn... and Step 2 had AK and guy to my immediate left had KK and held.

An ironic thing about carbon poker, I had a player curse at me for my pair holding vs their over cards...but when I talked to players and told them I usually play on PokerStars, PokerStars was completely censored. *LOL*

I hope to play more on PokerStars, at least this week. Especially the Twitter PokerLeague.

Hope to see ya at the tables.


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