Monday, August 23, 2010

Sorry Sports fans. I realize it's been 3 weeks since I've posted. But my little playing as really been pretty insignificant.

Skipping the first week, lost what I played.

2nd week: Had a good weekend actually. Cashed in weekly 30K ($9), and took on the responsibility of being a bounty in PokerStars Twitter League tournament. Which led to my second cash in 2 seaons. (Yes, when I'm the bounty.)

At the same time of Daleroxxu's (Twitter: @Daleroxxu) Hyper Turbo No Limit Omaha H/L Shoveament Freeroll. You can watch here:

In which I took third and knocked out the host. The knockout earned me a Sunday 1/4 Million ticket. I plan on using it September 5th at the end of a week of vacation. I should be plenty rested and no work the morning of it. My only hope is not to be to burned out on poker by then. Ah well, one can only hope.

This last week has been nothing for me. Some small, minor wins on single tournament tables. But the weekend was a big loss overall. I don't know why I played a $.50/$1 Ring game. Dropped $40. I guess I should have ran when I won a hand and was up $12.

A friend is visiting from out of state. Got in Saturday, leaving Tues or Wednesday morning (probably the latter).

I got my laptop on Friday. And his new one, to replace his old, broken one. So we have been messing around with them. Figuring out features and such. First thing I did was check out WLM for work and then second thing was download PokerStars.

Well, that's all I can think of at the moment.

So hope to post next week at the begnining of my vacation, and of course after.


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