Thursday, August 26, 2010


Thought I would make an early blog this week.

I had said that getting a new laptop should mean more playing poker and I have.

Though I started off bad. As a friend was visiting and being on the same network, couldn't play in the same tournament. So while he played in a dollar one, I took on a $10 one and lost pretty quick. But it's luck, of cards, can't tell people to not shove when they push n pray.

So then I went down to a $3 tournamant, and didn't to well with that either.

So I did a $4 O8b and crashed about 20 people from the bubble.

Wednesday night was tired and Friends and family tournament. I donked out of that.

But tonight was the biggest night of poker.

I did $1.10 Don(t) (Double or Nothing (turbo)). I managed 18 of them in about 3 hours. 4 at a time at the most. Bankroll was down to $71.38. Winning 50% of them had me end with $72.88 bankroll.

I know not a lot...but I really want to play more and do better. I'm hoping to at least play in one of the WCOOP events on PokerStars. The lowest event is on September 11th for $109. I really want to be in it.

Anyway, my friend that left Wed. is coming back for another visit Tomorrow and spending the week. At which I am off after Sunday's shift for a week vacation. The plan for vacation is to grind away for 8-10 hours or so and maybe study what I did.

Well an hour past bedtime, so time to get that rest to play some poker when my friend gets in.



  1. keep yourself sharp for the grind, plan some breaks in there, maybe a little exercise, it helps.
    Play the super satellites on PokerStars for the WCOOP!
    See you there.

  2. yeah the extremal satellites are the way, I'll be hitting up most if not all of them.