Saturday, June 26, 2010


Well, I think I might have had an enlightened moment this week. In order to win at poker, one must play poker. ::Chuckles::

Between Monday after work and Tuesday lunch, I played 18 $1 Don = $19.80 I won 11 for $22.

On Thursday I played Some $1 9-person SnG. Started off 2 n 2. The wins, taking 3rd and 1st. I played 3 more to get $1 profit. I also tried an NAPT (North American Poker Tour) freeroll. 9,305 started, finished 849th.

Friday I tried to go a little different. After hearing that $1 rebuys were pretty good, I joined one and $3 rebuy, plus 2 $1.20 9-person. One of the $1.20 I lost, so started another. Got 3rd out of the three.

I'm not sure how much I put into the $3. More than I planned. My bankroll was down about $10. I did minimum cash in the $1... Spent $3 to get $7.89.

Today I did a couple freerolls. With a bankroll of $19...I managed to cash in one of them for $43. So now my roll is up to $62.

I also have a friend coming in to visit tonight. They are leaving Tues or Wed. So not sure I'll get much more playing in till Wed evening.

And on that note... if anyone has good, constructive criticism how I might make my blog better, I'm willing to listen. Should I write about anything or just keep it poker?

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