Saturday, June 19, 2010


Well, haven't played much. Wednesday managed 3rd out of 17 in a $5 Friend & Family tournament. Sucked kinda, because I was in first for most of the tournament. But a $12 profit helped.

Friday I tried a $3+R tourney. I had the plan to not put much in. I rebought before it started and another $3 added on. 900 were got paid. Unfortunately, Mom Nature wasn't going to be nice... and a major storm was rolling in. I finished in the 1100 area when the button made a small raise and I had 66 in the big blind. I went all in, button called and showed TT. So I was out and before I could shut down the computer, we lost power to turn it off and let it flick back on.

Saturday morning on a whim, Joined a $2 Quintuple shootout. 64 places paid...and I made it to the min cash for $10.

I tried the $3 rebuy again. And didn't cash. I don't remember what I did, but think I was sucked out on.

Tonight I just tried a freeroll for the PokerStars Million Dollar challenge. Min raised AA and someone went all in. I called, they show 77. Table : AJ89T they make the straight and leave me with $114. BB was $150 so I was going to have to shove soon. 2 hands later, Had Ksomething and shoved. Called by QQ. K on flop put me ahead, but the Q on the turn knocked me out.

That's about all I have. Hope to have better news next week.


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