Sunday, May 30, 2010


Yeah, I know. I'm a little behind in posting my poker blog. But I have this mental block on Saturdays. I'm tired and don't feel like being on the computer, so I don't feel like posting. Also, used to play Dungeons and Dragons on the computer Friday nights from 9-11 central time. Which meant late nights and always tired on Saturday anyway. Though I haven't played for a couple weeks (The guy running it had to quit), guess I still have that mentality.

Shout out to my friend, for reminding me on twitter, that I'm a losing player. Though I know it's true and still working on not being one. Still kinda hurt. And, friend, I know it was meant innocently and there are no hard feelings.

Which also had me thinking of some career highlights. Should I post or not? Not that I've had a lot of highlights. And oddly, most of it was before I had the amount of experience I have now.

Earliest memory was a 45 person SnG for $11.. won it for about $154 (I think). When we used to use our bank/credit card on poker, used to $50/month (How I won the SnG) and so I had some fpp. Tried 40 fpp satellite to WSOP (this was a few years ago) and had gotten into the next satellite. Sadly, that satellite, I was out in 20 minutes. I now know it was because I was playing to many hands, hoping to catch on flop.

Just a couple years ago (wow, been that long already)... had won a ticket from a freeroll to the weekly round 2. 8 hours later, was victorious in the Round2 for about $254. I think I cashed $100 and gave the rest back trying to get into the WSOP.

During the last year, my first ever Sunday Millions, cashed for $377 from a $215 buy-in, making a profit of $162.

Also last year, won a satellite to win a seat for Vanessa Rousso's Big Slick Poker Boot Camp. Although for the single day event, already knew pretty much what she had to say from reading poker books. *LOL* Though it was nice to play the satellite for $27 and win the camp valued at $399. Plus, a few extra days off work and got to go south from my cold north in November.

Oh yeah, more recently I had done a $20+$2 head up tourney. Got 4th place for a couple hundred.

I was also, once, in a single pro tourney. $2000 prize pool, paid 4 places of $10. I was very short stacked, with 5 or 6 left. Suddenly was one of 4. We quickly agreed to split the pool 4 ways for $500 each. That weekend, turned the $500 into over $800 by playing $50 DoNs. Monday, cashed out $500 and with no bankroll management, lost the other $300+.

As for this week, started out pretty good. I used some FPP and played hyperturbo satellites. After losing 2, I won 3. Then lost a third, had to work anyway. Still, +T$33 was a big help to my $6 Bankroll.

After work, tried a $5.50 O8b MTT and didn't cash. $4.10 08b and after leading most of the tourney, could not hold on when we got to the bubble and ended up 3rd place for $6.15 did another and lost out.

Then Tried $4.10 NLHE KO SnG and got 7th.

Tuesday played in the Round 1 satellite to the Big Game and after 2.5 hours got my ticket, top 300 out of 5,000.

I also used fpp to try and win a couple more T$. Friday before work, sat at a penny table with $2.84 and left with $5.07.

Played a $4.10 NLHE KO and had one knockout. But still lost. Tried a $1.20 6 max NLHE and didn't cash. Still up $8. on week.

I decided to try multi-tabling 4 at a time $1 DoN. My bankroll was $18.03 (including T$) and I did 4 then 4 more. Bankroll went down to $13.23. Only 3 double-ups out of 8 played.

So yes, I may be a losing player, but damn it, I don't have to like it. And am working on fixing it.

That's it. See ya next week.

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  1. Solid post this week man :) Kudos.

    "reminding me on twitter, that I'm a losing player" - was this me? Of course I meant no offense, but like you say having someone remind you is sometimes just what you need :)

    "and with no bankroll management, lost the other $300+" It is all about BRM, once you have that nailed it is near impossible to loose at poker, making a decent profit is a whole different kettle of fish - but correct BRM i promise is a break even player at the very worst.

    I will be sure to link this post if and when you tweet about it :) (RT)